One of my many passions is shopping at thrift stores. When I find a treasure for my home or garden, feels  just like Christmas to me.   I have to say this trait was definitely inherited from my Father. He was recycling way before it became trendy.  When he began a project, he always used every single piece of material he had collected before visited the local lumber yard.

My find this week was 2 cookbooks, a BO Brady Co vintage milk white vase, a silver plated Gorham serving dish, 4-Syracuse Old Cathay plates, a wine plate and stopper and a candle holder, all for $7.00.   One of the cookbooks had a lot of hand written recipes tuck throughout the pages which made it even more special. My curiosity will always get the best of me when thrifting so I always do some research on line.  If I sold these items on e-bay, I could possibly get $60.00.  WOW, feels like I hit the jackpot.