fall 2015 017 169x300 Spooky Halloween Mailbox

I haven’t quite decided if the Dollar Tree is a bargain or not.  You probably know what I mean.  Have you ever checked out without spending at least $10.00-$20.00?  Some bargain.  But, they do have the cutest decorations for the holidays.  I wanted a spooky mailbox this year and didn’t want to visit the craft stores and spend a fortune, so off to the Dollar Tree I went.  I came home with just $6.00 worth of merchandise and went to work.  It was super simple and the  entire project took about 15 minutes. After I decided where to place each item,  I just wrapped florist wire around the piece and then wrapped the florist wire around the mailbox, twisting the ends to secure. I did add a few pieces from my collection and several dead branches from my garden which made the floral piece have more depth.   I have to say, I am quite pleased with the end result and happy I didn’t break the bank. It was the first time ever getting out of there with a $6.00 receipt.