This is another note I cut out of a magazine years ago and posted in one of my cooking  journals for reference at later dates. Unfortunately I did not cut out the name of the writer.

Instant-read digital meat thermometers are the best way to accurately gauge the internal temperature of a steak or roast.

Remove from heat when thermometer reads:

  • 120 degrees – rare
  • 130 degrees  – medium-rare
  • 135 degrees – medium
  • 150 degrees to 165 degrees – well done

Steaks continue to cook when removed from heat.  If using cast iron for oven or stove-top cooking, remove steak from pan while it rests, because cast iron keeps “cooking” longer than other metals.

Meat needs to “rest” after it’s taken from heat, to allow juices to be reabsorbed into tissues.  This makes meat juicier, firmer, and easier to slice.  Let steak stand for 5-20 minutes before serving; interior temperature will increase about 1 degree per minute.

Note:  I love cooking steak on the stove top with my cast iron grill pan.  Use a sprig of fresh rosemary, salt and pepper to taste and 1 pat of butter for each side — delicious!