We purchased a very small cottage in the North Georgia Mountains last year. It needed a tremendous amount of work but at a steal, we couldn’t pass it up. I have been junking and
have completely furnished it with all thrift store finds. I have to say, I have had a blast and have found so many bargains.

The kitchen is very small and quite hard to cook in. We have very little counter top space so I have been on the hunt for a small cabinet that we could serve coffee and drinks on, freeing up my cooking and prepping area. I found this one for $25.00. It was in pretty good shape but quite greasy as you can see on the before picture. I cleaned it with 409 and then gave it a light sanding. I then painted two coats of Brick Red #304 General Finishes Milk Paint. When the cabinet dried, I brushed a coat of Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax and then buffed with a soft cloth. This is a great Saturday project. I even painted 2 coats of paint on 4 outdoor shutters, waxed and buffed a chest of drawers,and dry brushed 5 small mirrors with Silver Baroque Art Guilders paste. These projects will be posted later and be sure to stay in touch, the cabin before and after pictures are definitely on my list to post.

I am a huge Annie Sloan fan but I have to say the milk paint is definitely a close second.