I have always been envious of beautiful lawns, not something I have bragging rights on. We have way too much land for us to concentrate on lawns, 5 acres with 3 of those cleared. But a beautiful lawn was always in the back of my mind. I decided to divide our land into rooms and the front yard was going to be my lawn masterpiece…..NOT!! Weeds, yes and one area that is well shaded grows this beautiful moss. I have to say, I love the moss and would be quite happy if I could get the moss to grow over the entire space, but right off the front porch there is too much sun. I know I could have added more topsoil and compost but I have lots and lots of flower beds and they get first priority in the soil amendment category. After looking at hundreds of gardening magazine’s, I decided to give up on the lawn and just cover it with pine bark mulch.

no bragging rights2 No bragging rights!My first step was to build a small patio off the front porch. I decided to use red and grey checkered board pattern and carried these color with my stepping stones off the patio.
I then added monkey grass and boxwoods and then covered the entire area with pine bark mulch.

No bragging rights, but I do love how my front yard turned out. The best thing, it is maintenance free other than adding mulch about once a year.