My Mother always made every holiday a big celebration in our home and I have tried to continue with that tradition.   Every time I drag out the boxes and boxes of  specific holiday decorations, my husband laugh’s at me wondering why in the world I take the time and effort to decorate when we have no grandchildren.  But, I have many great nieces and nephews and you never know who might drop by for a visit or when I will get the whim to entertain.  My thinking is, if the decorations are already out  that will be one less task to take care of….the truth is I am still a kid at heart.  I love unpacking my holiday treasures.  Memories flood from my childhood, appreciating more and more the special Mother that I had.    I wanted to share my July 4th decorations with you and hopefully they will inspire you to continue to be a kid at heart. I also hope we each take the time to appreciate our Freedom and remember those who paid the ultimate price for that freedom.

Happy Birthday America!!

july fourth2 July 4th Celebration