Halloween has ALWAYS been one of my favorite holidays.  When I was a child, my best friend Betty Jane and I would always walk around the block and try our best to get the courage to visit Ms. Lamb Hurtle.  She would dress up every year as a witch and we were convinced that she REALLY was one and let me tell you, she played the part quite well.  We were always scared to death but loved every minute of it.

When we moved into our home years ago and the children were young, we would have a Halloween party every year.  Our road was a dirt road back then.  It makes a loop at the end and was perfect for hayrides.  We knew all the neighbors and some had teenage kids that always participated in the festivities.  Christine had horses and would dress up as the headless horseman, Scott was always the Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  there would also be many monsters along the way to frighten the kids.We  would end the hayride at the bottom of the hill and the kids would have to walk through the woods to get back to our home.  Just when they thought they were safe, Scott would start the chainsaw, minus the chain, right before they got home.  He would chase them all the way to the house. I can hear the screams now, even from the adults…… We had wiener roast, apple bobbing and many activities throughout the night.  The adults would have just as much fun as the kids and NO ONE was allowed without a costume.

There are no more parties like those days, no children left in the neighborhood but I still decorate.  Getting out those decorations, remind me of the memories that we made.  Hopefully many of those children that are now adults have great memories of those parties too.