Do you love fall? I have to say it is my very favorite season. I have been thinking about why. Is it because it brings an end to the extremely hot summer’s here in the South? Is it the cool crisp air that begins to appear? Is it the beautiful colors, the tasty fall vegetables, or the fall festivals you get to visit? Or, maybe because it is Halloween and Thanksgiving time, the two holidays I love.

Summer’s here are unbearable. I am not sure if it is my age or if global warming is really making the temperature’s and the humidity higher but all I can say is, it is HOT! When we get the first few mornings of that cool crisp air, I celebrate.

fall 2015 008 169x300 Fall, my favorite season.I love the colors of fall and the fall vegetables. My garden is NEGLECTED the last of the summer months and all I can seem to grow are weeds! But, the first weekend of a cool spell, I am in the garden weeding all day on the weekend’s. And, even though a little late some years, I get the energy up to plant my fall vegetables. And, when the leaves start falling and covering the ground, is there anything more beautiful?

If you love eating, cooking, gardening, crafting, I know you love fall festivals as much as I do.

I don’t think I have ever grown up, even at 63, and to tell you the truth, I hope I never do. I love Halloween and decorate every year. I decorate the inside and the outside and I never have one child come trick or treat at my house. I guess I live too far out in the country and there are no more children in my area. But, I get great joy pulling out all of my decorations.

Thanksgiving holiday, a time to reflect on one’s blessings, a family time without all the hassle of gifts, great food and time spent with loved ones. I don’t know of another holiday that is more special, do you?


So, what is the reason for my love of fall?  I guess all of the above brings me joy. But, today, I think I will celebrate the cooler weather and enjoy my Halloween Decorations. Maybe, just maybe,  I should plan that Halloween party this year…..