• Materials/Tools Needed:
  • Straight Edge
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Fishing Line
  • Tooth picks
  • Staple Gun
  • Tacks
  • Drill Motor
  • Luan board
  • 1x2 strips of wood
  • 2X4
  • Fireplace Mantel
  • Paint
  • Wax
  • Fabric of choice
  • Craft Cover Button Set (choice of size)
  • Batting

I am in the process of  a new makeover for our master bedroom.  I have to admit 15 years of the same look was getting a little boring……..I think that I kept procrastinating because I had fauxed the walls years ago and the time that that took was endless.

I came across this massive fireplace mantel at the Goodwill store for $75.00 and noticed the date was over a month old.  I offered them $40.00 and they accepted.  I knew exactly what I was going to use it for.  My headboard!  The mantel was in great shape, just needed painting and I had purchased  the fabric years ago, intending on starting this remodeling job much sooner than I have.

Those of you that follow my blog know I am in love with Annie Sloan paint but the store I  purchased this paint in the past has started selling a new chalk paint and I decided to give it a go.  I am very pleased with the outcome but I must confess, I am still a huge fan of Annie Sloan.

This project was quite easy but did take me a couple of days to complete.  Sewing the buttons through the batting and through the board was quite awkward but I did master the process before coming to the last one.  If you decide to tackle this, have patience, I promise it gets easier and easier.


  1. Paint Mantle desired color. I love using chalk paint because there isn’t much prep work involved.
  2. Wax the finish.
  3. Cut luan board to the size of the opening of your fireplace.
  4. Using straight edge, draw a line from corner to corner making a “X” to locate the center of the board.  Where the “X” crosses draw and perpendicular and horizontal line.  You will now have 4 lines crossing at the center of the “X”.  Measure your board from top to bottom and decide how many lines of buttons you want dividing the lines equally.  Starting from the center of each line, decide how many buttons you would like to go horizontally marking your spots equally on each line. staggering every other line.
  5. Drill your holes with a small bit.
  6. Lay your batting over the board.
  7. Lay your fabric over the batting making sure your pattern on the fabric is straight.
  8. Cover your buttons according to the package directions.
  9. Insert the fishing line through your needle, tying a knot with double the line.
  10. Starting at the center of the “X”, thread your needle from the back through the batting and fabric catching the loop on the button.
  11. Thread the needle back through to the back.  Take a toothpick and wind the fishing line around the tooth pick  several times pulling taunt.  Thread back through to the front and back to the back several times.  Tie off your fishing line in the back.(I found that if I placed the edge of the board on top of my head, I could balance the board and see where to sew the button.  It is a little awkward but just be patient and find the best way for you.)
  12. Continue sewing the buttons from center out and making sure your fabric is smooth after each button is sewn.
  13. Pull the fabric around the edge to the back of the board and staple into place, making sure fabric is straight.
  14. Measure the inside opening of the mantle and cut the 1×2 strips equal to the measurements.  Staple or nail the strips to the opening.
  15. Nail or staple fabric covered board to the strips.
  16. We built a stand for the mantle to sit on with 2×4’s because I wanted the mantle to sit high above by mattress.  We cut the 4 pieces of the 2X4 in 19″ and 2 pieces into 12″.  Nail the  12″ piece to the top of the 18″ pieces making a stoop. Build 2 of these.  Nail the stoops into the wall where you want the bed to be placed and where the ends of the mantle will sit on top of the stoops.  Sit the Mantle on top of the stoops and nail the mantle into the stoops.
  17. Push your mattress frame against the mantle.

headboard2 DIY Headboardheadboard1 DIY Headboard