planter box plans1 DIY: $7 Cedar Box Planter


  • Circular or Hand Saw
  • Drill w/1/2″ Bit
  • Crescent Wrench or Pliers
  • Tape Measure
  • Square
  • Pencil & Straight Edge


planter box2 DIY: $7 Cedar Box Planter


  1. Start by cutting each picket to 4ft lengths from the bottom end (opposite the “dog-ear”).
  2. Cut 2 – 5 inch pieces from the leftover scraps (side pieces).
  3. Screw front and back pieces to bottom piece; insert side pieces between front and back pieces and screw all together.
  4. Make marks for strap mounts at 1ft from each end and mark holes for drilling (straps will be 2ft apart).
  5. Drill holes for straps and several in the bottom and side of the planter for drainage.
  6. Attach straps with nuts & bolts (bolts through the backside; nuts & washers on the inside).
  7. Hold the box in place against the wall and bend the straps over the wall.

planter box sides DIY: $7 Cedar Box Planter