When my husband built our home 29 years ago we started out with 4 bedrooms. I later turned 2 of those rooms into a den and one into a breakfast/craft room, removing the doors so it would be more open. But, as life continue’s to change, 2 of my children moved away and now come home for extended visits so I now find myself with no doors and in need of another guest room.

I wanted to put up sliding barn doors, but after shopping for the parts we decided they were way out of budget — $250.00-$600.00 just for the hardware. After some research and shopping in the drapery and plumbing department, we came up with a different and more affordable plan.

Material list per door

  1. 1 set of bi-fold doors $7.00 each (I had purchased these at a close-out sale)
  2. 3- 2X4X8 boards (only needed if using bi-fold doors)3@$6.81=$20.43
  3. 1- 1X4X6 boards $6.81
  4. 1- 1/2″X72″ galvanized threaded pipe $16.73
  5. 2- 1/2″ galvanized 90 degree elbow fitting 2@ $1.77 each =$3.54
  6. 2- 1/2″ x 1- 1/8″ PSI galvanized pipe 2@ $0.97 each =$$1.94
  7. 2- 1/2″x 8″ galvanized floor flange fitting 2@$3.36 each = $6.72
  8. 1 set of Allen + Roth brushed nickel bracket support to fit up to 1″ diameter rod (drapery department at Lowe’s) $9.97 pair
  9. 1 Waxman 1-5/8″ Roller Casters $4.37 (package of 2)

Total $77.51 (all parts and pieces (excluding doors) can be purchased online at Lowe’s.



  • Cut the 3 pieces of the 2x4x8 the width of a pair of bi- fold doors and screw into the door. One at top, one in the middle and one at the bottom.
  • Cut 2 of the 2X4x8 the height of the door and screw to each side. (this step was needed to make our bi-fold doors fit our opening and for stability).
  • Screw the casters to the bottom of the door about 1-2″ from each side of the door, excluding the 2X4.
  • Screw the drapery rod holders to the top of the doors 2 ” from each side, excluding the 2X4.
  • Cut the 1x4x6 the desired length. We doubled the measurement of the door width.
  • Insert the pipe through the drapery rod brackets and stand the door in front of the opening.
  • Make a mark with a pencil on the wall where your 1X4X6 will be placed, which should be the center of your drapery brackets.
  • Nail the 1x4x6 into the wall.
  • Stand your door in front of the opening again and mark where the flanges screw holes are on the 1x4x6 , which should be centered o f the height of the 1X4X6 and length of threaded pipe.
  • Screw the floor flange’s to the 1x4x6 at the marks.
  • Thread the nipple into the floor flange.
  • Thread the 90 degree elbow into the nipple.
  • Thread the pipe into the elbow.
  • Paint your door and enjoy.