Cranberry Pecan Oat Muffins

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I always buy fresh cranberries during the holidays and end up with way more than I need.  So, I freeze them on a cookie sheet and store in… Read More »

Hearty Beef Stew

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Is there anything better than a good bowl of beef stew on a cold winter’s day?  Nope, don’t think so.  This recipe take’s very little prep time and… Read More »

Corned Beef and Cabbage

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This is one of the quickest, easiest recipe’s in my collection.  I have been preparing this dish since my children were very small and they will still say… Read More »

Nutcracker Party Pizza’s

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I hosted a Nutcracker Party for many years and this recipe was always the girl’s favorite, hence the name.  This is a revised version because one of the… Read More »

Barbequed Shrimp

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“River Road seasoning”  makes this dish one of the easiest and most delicious meals to prepare.  Melt some butter, add Worcestershire sauce,  the seasoning packet, and plop it… Read More »

Easy White Chicken Chili

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We love chili  and my sister in law shared this recipe with me a few years back.  I have adapted the recipe somewhat but I promise this version… Read More »

Mary’s Brown Bread

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I have many places that I would love to visit on my bucket list.  Ireland, one of my top choices. As I was browsing through a Country Gardens magazine… Read More »

Banana-nut Muffins

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This recipe is a quick easy way to get rid of those overripe bananas and get the reward of a tasty muffin.  I adapted this recipe from one… Read More »

Garlic Confit

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I love serving garlic bread with many meals.   I found this recipe in the October 2011 issue of Food and Wine magazine and it sounded so amazing. I thought to… Read More »

Spooky Halloween Mailbox

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I haven’t quite decided if the Dollar Tree is a bargain or not.  You probably know what I mean.  Have you ever checked out without spending at least $10.00-$20.00?… Read More »

Fall, my favorite season.

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Do you love fall? I have to say it is my very favorite season. I have been thinking about why. Is it because it brings an end to… Read More »

Portuguese Stew

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My dear lifelong friend Sherry gave me this delicious, healthy stew recipe.  It is really quick to put together and then all you have to do is simmer… Read More »